August 12, 2013

Wearable Device Helps Blind Patients See Shapes

The handicap and sensory impaired people out there are not helpless like you might think.  It is common to see another sense become boosted when one sensory function fails.  Blind people who are born that way tend to have very good hearing and very good intuition about what is in front of them when they are walking on the streets.  It is not like trying to close your eyes while you are on the sidewalk; these people have lived this way long enough to adjust to their surroundings.  Some blind people even have a “blind sight” which helps them detect objects they cannot see.  Of course science and technology is looking to create a way for the blind to reconnect with the world.

They have created ocular implants which allow them detect the world in front of them in a very basic way – but it is better than seeing nothing at all.  This leads me to question how such a technology could be used for entertainment purposes.  Now I don’t see a DJ out there who wants to have an implant in their eyes – but I can see a DJ who could wear glasses to replace a computer screen.  Now imagine if they could control those images with pure thought.