August 12, 2013

Watch Huxley Make a Tune in 10 Minutes

One part about being about being a DJ that I have always admired over any sort of producer or music maker is that the DJ is a live performer before anything else.  Modern DJs might have their sets programmed and even recorded in their computers, but there comes a time when they need to hang up the track list and improvise.  Even when they have an unexpected request they are still able to navigate through their sets and connect songs together that they didn’t think would be possible.  The live aspect of the DJ will always be the heart of the DJ.

Producing means that anytime a song is actually produced, there is an unknown amount of work that goes into creating each song.  We don’t know if a song requires a day or a month to make.  We don’t get to see the train of thought or the line of thinking used to create a song – it simply exists without explanation.  This is why I enjoy seeing a producer brainstorm and create a song live.  Not only does it show you logistically how it’s done – it lets you delve into their minds so you can understand how they think.