August 12, 2013

Hypebot Hosts Our First LA Music Tech Meetup

Every sort of organization needs some central form of leadership.  Take the car industry for example.  Once a year, people from the heads of companies meet up to discuss the future of the industry.  Many things take place during this meeting – and they aren’t necessarily setup to help fix the costs of cars.  Some of them will actually work together to produce something great, rather than fighting each other like crabs in a barrel.  Cars, however, are very specific.  A broader organization might be something like the factory industry, which categorizes anything that is machined and put together.  When they meet to discuss the current state of the industry, big things can happen.

Factory workers have nothing to do with musicians, but they share the concept of broad reach over the rest of the industry.  In terms of music, you have different sides who are rooting for their own team.  There are the intellectual property activists who fight tooth and nail to prevent song theft.  Then there are the artists who band together to actually fight off those above them who are stealing their profits.  I think the more amiable group is the tech heads, who actually want to advance the industry for all parties.