August 15, 2013

Grooveshark To Settle EMI Publishing Lawsuit

The internet will always be viewed as the wild west, where anything is possible at least for a short period of time.  The problem with the internet in general is its vastness.  How do you regulate a space that can exist and multiply at lightning speed?  There are probably millions of personal websites that are home to bloggers and other individuals who want to spread information – but once that information begins violating laws, people will step in to make sure that money is not being made in ways that are not accountable.  The days of posting songs and listening to them on the internet are over, and the RIAA as well as other groups have a large presence in the online community.

Did you hear of the Gooveshark controversy?  The new and upcoming music source recently came under fire when it allowed certain songs to become posted and available without permission.  EMI as the publishing company behind the lawsuit and there were looking to gain back some of what was lost due to the company’s infractions.  Instead of taking the company down under, the label actually signed an agreement – which means the company will stay afloat, so long as it sticks to the rules.