August 15, 2013

Keys to a Compelling Music Performance

Some say that leaders aren’t made, they are simply born to lead – and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are leading a good cause.  Hitler was a great leader, but his cause is something that most people would say was just plain wrong.  The thing about leaders like that is that even though their message may be morally wrong, they are very good at spreading their message.  Why is that?  Wouldn’t the common person be able to tell when they are being led the wrong way?  Well, like a salesman, charisma is something that can land you the deal, even when the product itself isn’t all that great.

Great stage performers know this as well, and even music lovers who like a band have figured out that some of them just aren’t cut out to perform live.  You see, a band can be great on stage, and they can even sound better than a recorded artist – but without some sort of magnetic personality, there is a lot left to be made up for.  A compelling performance has to do with the charisma and confidence of a performer, not necessarily the content that they are producing live.  It is the difference between a stage DJ and true performer.