August 15, 2013

Spotify ‘Messages’ and ‘Browse’ Put Conversation, Context Around Music

So far, I haven’t found a friend who disagreed with the way Spotify works.  In fact, many of them went with the highest paid subscription after trying to service only a few times.  Even when they hardly populate their playlists with new music, they still take advantage of the ease of use the service offers.  Another neat feature about the service (which some actually hate), is how it connects to your Facebook account as well as your friend’s accounts.  This allows you to see what they are listening to, and basically share listening preferences without having to leave the application.

Spotify has taken it a step further, but developing the program to understand the context between messages and conversations.  This sounds complicated but it really is not.  When you make a post about a song you like, it actually takes the information that has been posted so that it can make informed decisions about your music tastes.  All in all, it really brings the social side of listening out which leads to artist discovery as well as an exploration of your friends’ tastes.  The tool has even been pushed further to detect choices in mood – even depending on the time of day.