August 15, 2013

Richie Havens’ Ashes To Be Scattered Over Woodstock Site

Kids these days seem to think that they are the originators of a new musical revolution; as if they were the first ones to completely shake how the world sees music.  Truth be told – every generation has tastemakers and innovators who completely change our perceptions of music making and music celebrities.  The same kids who are maybe in their early 20’s these days, have parents who grew up during an era of rock and roll – where groups like the Doors and The Who shifted the music culture into something that was less conservative and much more geared towards freedom of expression.

What is sad today, is that many of these rock stars are aging and on their last leg.  Many of them are nearing their upper 70’s and 80’s – and some of them simply cannot pick up a guitar or a pair of drum sticks like they used to be able to.  Still, we cannot lump all of these musicians together in the same group, since there are many who are still performing on stage, as if they were in their 20’s again.  Hats off to those rockers who have kept up with it their entire lives, instead of disappearing into obscurity like many artists today.