August 15, 2013

Up In The Sky! It’s Time Warner’s Earnings

There are only two kinds of labels that any music can be signed to.  One of them is a well known entity who has investments in media that go far beyond just music sales.  These are the giants like CBS, and Time Warner who have stake in ISPs, movies, music, and technology.  Their music side is only part of their business plan, but given how risky the music industry can be, they can afford to take risk given that they have securities in other investments.  The other type of label that an artist can be signed to is an independent one.

Independent labels obviously do not have the same sort of money to work with – but they have something that is even better: the trust of the fans.  Artists have never trusted corporations – but it is sort of a catch-22 where they do not have another choice when it comes to being signed.  It’s that or nothing.  Rage Against the Machine and Nas both had their issues with their record labels – and oddly enough their fans were feeling the heat as well.  The last thing they want is their artist to be warped into someone completely different, only for the sake making money.