August 19, 2013

Mad Zach’s “Evil Lurks on a Summer Day”

I know plenty of DJs who are great at scratching, but rarely will they go 100% when they are just messing around with friends in a jam session.  What is the reason for this?  For one, they know that other scratch DJs are always on the watch for new tricks and technique – and they don’t want to share their technique so that it can be stolen and copied by others.  The ironic part is that most scratch DJs are willing to help out other DJs, and they like playing with others; they just want to keep their best technique a secret.

Producing uses different skill to create songs.  Yes, they might have some technical abilities that are learned over time – but many of these can be copied using a list of instructions.  It’s not the same for a DJ who physically has to learn how to perform technique.  Oddly enough, it is rare to see a producer break down their methods of production, since they too do not want to have their talent copied.  Fortunately, there are a few producers who don’t mind showing their thought process step by step, which is something that can be learned in a day by an amateur producer.