August 19, 2013

Pioneer S-DJ X series — Monitors for DJs

I have to hand it to Rokit for the monitors they produce.  They have an entire line of monitors that range from “just got my new DJ setup” to, “I need something professional to test my production skills on”.  Whether it is a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, there is something in the line of KRK products that will suit your needs.  The funny thing is that I’ve seen many producers who have a set of KRK monitors, with the classic yellow cones – but they have told me that they also have other pairs of speakers that they use during practice rather than performances.

Sounds strange, but there is something about the yellow cones that attract the eyes.  There are other monitors that have the same basic shape and structure, but lack any color in their speaker cones.  Yahama’s monitor line comes to mind here, since their cones are usually colored white.  Pioneer has just introduced a pair of monitors that seem to look much like the Rokits, except they lack the yellow cone.  I dare say that adding color to a pair of serious monitors gives them that much more appeal and perhaps that much more selling power.