August 19, 2013

Monkey Banana monitors — now in the UK

Shapes in speaker design are sort of a taboo that can lead you to the no-fly list without a second glance.  The square rectangular cubed shape design is popular of good reason – they look serious and they aim to be taken seriously.  I’ve seen some designs that were really on the wall, and I had a hard time taking it seriously at first.  There have been speakers that actually fold out into their final form, or speakers that lay completely flat with little thickness at all.  Both of these might be solid performers, but I can’t help but think that they are a cheap idea that cannot perform.

I once saw speakers that were a sphere which allowed sound to travel in all directions.  It sounds like it would work well (since sound is being distributed into every direction), but truthfully nothing beats the basic tried and true design of the box shaped speakers.  Companies who play on the original design by adding curves and other unique elements are better off than those who try to reinvent the wheel.  Monkey Banana has opted to take the hexagonal shape rather than the square shape, yet it still looks professional enough to take seriously.