August 19, 2013

NI announce… a Traktor DJ cable. No really.

Some may look at Beats By Dre. as an offshoot of something that Monster created, but truthfully – Monster was very lucky to have Dr. Dre aboard their team.  Before that, they were selling cables that some thought to be a huge rip off.  Still, there was a huge demand for them by enthusiasts who swore by them.  A love for a particular brand of cables is no different from the fanboys who love their particular brand of motor oil.  They can make claims all they want about how good it may be, but it is very hard to prove in any measureable way.

To a DJ, cables can be both expensive and cheap – but they can all break and be lost eventually.  I think the idea of having to pay for something that will eventually break is troubling for many DJs who would rather take that money and invest it into something else more worthwhile.  NI has released a set of their own Y-Cables that will allow you to split audio from one source into two different sources.  I’m sure they cost boatloads more than your standard RCA splitter that you can buy from the store – but there are still people who will want it and pay extra for it.