August 19, 2013

Is It Still Worth Using Mixed In Key?

Key detection is not an advanced theory anymore, now that it is so widely available with many DVS programs.  Those who don’t know what key detection is can still easily recognize when it is being used thoughtfully in a song.  Maybe with rap music it isn’t as significant since the lyrics are brought to the forefront of music – but with something like EDM, the tone and harmony of the song is the mainstay of the feeling that you get when you listen to the music.  I can see why Traktor decided to install their own native key detection system into their software, since it is much easier to have it all in one place.

Currently, when you want to find your own keys with a separate program, it requires a separate program to open and detect, before writing them to the new tags of a song.  What this means for DJs is one extra step before you can import and scan songs in something like Serato.  That extra step can be a real turnoff for those who just want to play with music, minus the extra programming and thinking.  Mixed In Key might not have a market to sell to if all DVS include it in their program.