August 20, 2013

2013 DJ Expo Exclusive: Pioneer S-DJ50X Walkthrough

At any sort of music or musical instrument trade show, you can expect certain vendors to be more respectable than others.  The larger companies like Pioneer and Numark need to have representation that matches their presence in the world of DJ equipment.  A small table and a booth is not enough to please the masses who expect to see a truss filled with lighting and professionals demoing their gear for live use.  Most of these trade shows and expos are already setup for such a thing, making lights and lasers easily accessible for designers who want to make their booth pop from the ordinary.

Pioneer is no stranger to the glitz and glamour that goes with setting up at a trade show.  Even their supposed entry level products are still pretty pricey for someone who is just starting out – but they use this to their advantage.  They don’t see themselves as a budget company who makes gear for beginners; they want to remain in their seats as the club standard for many DJs who expect the best out of high priced gear.  Their latest introductions of their newest monitors really seal the deal at this year’s Atlantic City DJ expo.