August 21, 2013

Useless Plastic Box Covertly Left On Best Buy’s Shelves

For a short period of time, before the internet sales of electronic equipment exploded, stores like Best Buy were the place to go when you had to have something the same day.  For certain items, it just made more sense to go into the store and take a look before plopping down money on something you have never touched.  Televisions are a great example, since few people have time to bring a huge flatscreen home, only to return it a day later.  At Best Buy, you have the chance to see twenty televisions lined up next to each other, playing the same program.  This allows you to see the unique color spectrums that each television provides.  You can even see the viewing angle in comparison to the one next to it.

For DJ equipment, certain Best Buy stores have DJ setup – but they aren’t going to put the most expensive thing out on display.  If you think that they are going to have turntables with needles on the showroom floor, you can guess again.  They aren’t going to risk something like that getting damaged.  Today, we see Best Buy as an expensive place to buy gear, and rightfully so.  They have a large overhead and payroll to take care of.