August 21, 2013

The Backwards Song, An Entire Song Performed in Reverse & Flipped

Do you remember the old Coldplay music video, where the entire video was shot in sequence with the singer actually mouthing the words backwards?  The ended up playing the video in reverse, which made it seem like the artist was making all of his movements backwards, while the song play in a forward sequence.  At the time, the artistic value of it was beyond anything that we had ever seen before.  To watch it in sequence made the impossible come to life; water was returning to the bucket it was thrown from while the words were coming out of his mouth in proper fashion.

These slight camera tricks are what make a music video more than just a place where a singer can sing – they actually made the video shine without needing to have star power or a hit song.  Today, creative musicians have been working on doing the same effect, and have even gone as far as performing the vocals of a video live.  To do this, they must play their original lyrics in reverse and learn to pronounce the words with the correct inflection and tone – so that when it is played backwards it sounds as if it is almost perfect.