August 21, 2013


How well can a pretty label on a box sell a product?  The answer is: more than you think.  Style is all important these days, and it isn’t just about how well a product performs – it is how well you feel when you are using it.  Therefore, it makes sense to have a nice box when you are wrapping up everything for your customer to take home.  Reloop and AIAIAI both appeal to the sense of style, when they market anything new.  Everything that you can buy in black will also come in colors like red and white, since you naturally want to have something of your own.

Teaming up with artist designers who know nothing about earphones could not be a more profitable venture for these folks.  Even if the headphone quality is lacking, the presence of an artist’s touch makes it worth having – and there is also that fact that these limited runs will never be made available again.  Something about creating exclusive items is what makes them even more popular.  Winning a pair of headphones like these are not only a free grab, but you also get to have something that many people would pay for.