August 21, 2013


Sampling can be a tricky game these days, and I’m not talking about acquiring the actual samples or placing them correctly into music.  I am talking about the legal issues you might encounter when you use even a short vocal from another artist.  People tend to think that you are only on the hook if you are making money from somebody else’s work, but it goes even deeper than that.  Simply using another artists’ sample and posting it online can get you into trouble without a dime being sent in either direction.  The RIAA and other groups have found that it is much easier to attack an organization that it is to attack the individuals.

When there is pressure on a website like Soundcloud, who has money on the line and people invested in their future, the company isn’t willing to risk their rights for the sake of one song that uses illegal samples.  When the pressure comes from above, it is felt from below as it trickles down through the users.  Buying a sample pack that you already know to be royalty free is a cheap way to ensure that any music you make will be safe from the boogie monsters.