August 23, 2013

Musicians, Do You Have Health Insurance?

Every president who takes office wants to leave office with something under their name.  There is a reason why we know about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, yet we know little about President Taft.  The presidents, who make no serious changes to the way we look at life, are left with no legacy to look after.  Perhaps it was their goal to remain neutral and not stir the pot, when they certainly had the power to do so.  These days, a huge issue that has divided many people is the affordable healthcare act.  The idea is simple, everyone needs healthcare and nobody should be denied medical coverage because of money – but this also means that certain people will have to pay more than others, while some do not pay at all.

For a musician this might seem irrelevant – but truthfully it can actually affect them as well.  A lot of musicians do not have pension plans or health insurance that allows them to have access to medical services at low cost, and many do not feel they need it at all.  But they do, and they will.  The new healthcare law may make it accessible to musicians who never had the option.