August 23, 2013

Musicians: Hate Spotify and Pandora?

In the United States, there are few things that the majority of people will agree one.  However, this is in essence what makes the United States a place of freedom.  With freedom of thought and freedom of choice also comes the freedom to disagree and find your own route or path to accomplish what you want in life.  In technological terms, there is no need to ever stick with one source of information or media, since there are always more being created every day.  Some will be successful, and others will fail – this is the way business works.  If you’re an artist and you don’t like the idea of Pandora or Spotify, what are you left with to do?

Some think that using a streaming service that is already established, is the only way to get your music heard – but they are wrong.  Setting up your own streaming system on your personal website can be done; it just takes some extra effort and knowledge from people who know what they are doing.  I think that doing it on your own actually speaks volumes to viewers who are just stopping by to check you out.  It really speaks of independence as well as dedication to fans.