August 23, 2013

Robert Plant Finally Joins The World On Social Media

The older and more comfortable a person gets in their lifetime, the more resistant they are to big changes that affect them.  Take an old established musician for example.  They grew up in a time where social media did not exist, and in order to see and experience an artist, you had to attend one of their concerts.  If you wanted to hear your artist you had to buy their record – so the record sales were actually a big part of how they made money.  Records were also more expensive in comparison to CDs and other forms of media that were cheaper to make.  Rest assured, many of these artists do not need social media to have an impact on the music world.

Robert Plant grew up year ago, when computers first started becoming a possibility for individuals and families.  Rest assured, his music was created live, without the use of digital gear and other crutches that make modern music recording easy.  For him to start up on social media really speaks about how willing the baby boomer generation is to accept new technology.  You can only be stubborn for so long, until change is forced upon you.