August 23, 2013

A Graphic Look At The New Digital Music Ecosystem

Getting a professional degree in music teaches you things like theory and musicianship, but rarely does it teach you about the business end of things.  No, the business side of things is left for businessmen who learn how to make the most of a dollar – some of them couldn’t care less about the actual industry they are getting into, so long as it is profitable.  This is the age old problem with businessmen and executives that know little about what they are getting into.  They are numbers people, they only see profits and loss – and they leave the rest to dry when times get tough.  Even with the shift in the way music is sold, this problem is still found everywhere.

You have your consumers who listen to and buy music, then you have your providers who give access to that music once deals are made with companies that are higher up.  At the very top of the food chain are the companies that you never hear of.  These are faceless entities that seem to collect money from everything below, leaving the middle men to deal with the actual music makers and customers.  This is how it is by design, and will likely never change.