August 23, 2013

Music Marketing Meets Story Bumping On Facebook’s New News Feed

Facebook is still a content driven website no matter how you look at it.  When people post things to their Facebook pages, they do it with the intention that it will be viewed by someone else.  This is also one of the basic communications axioms of neurolinguistics, where any sort of statement is always driven by an expected response.  The difference between posting information and posting it on Facebook, is that Facebook has their own way of filtering what people see and what they don’t see.  If someone has a thousand friends on Facebook, how are they to filter one post from another?  They need some sort of system to filter out genuine material from posts that are spammed to the top.

Spammers have learned a hard lesson, and they know that their attempts won’t get them very far.  This is one of the positives about Facebook, even though you are still forced to view an ad here or there.  The newest feature of Facebook is known as post bumping, where popular and commented posts make it to the top of people’s feeds.  That is why a post with many comments will receive many more comments in the future.