August 23, 2013

Twitter: Not Just For Kids Anymore

You know you are becoming old, when a new internet technology comes out that you have no interest in using.  The new generation of teens and kids are not like the previous generations, who were more resistant to trying out new things.  It seems that each generation becomes a bit more progressive than the next, and are willing to give something a go, even when it has not yet been established as a tool worth using.  Instead of conjecture, a better way to get some data on what is being used out there is to take surveys.  These surveys collect data from a small sample of the population – but if the sample is diverse enough, then they give a good understanding of changes being made.

As expected, the largest portion of Twitter and social media users are the 29 and below crowd and this is easily because the Twitter tastemakers are of this age as well.  However, there is a stronger portion of people above 30 who are also using the service.  This is because that 30+ generation were the ones who originally embraced computer technology and made it what it was today.  We are even seeing the baby boomers open up to the idea of social media.