August 27, 2013

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Own Crazy Ideas

Have you ever just sat down and started writing random thoughts that come to your head?  If you do this for 30 seconds, and then sit back and read what you have written – you’ll notice that most of these thoughts are unrelated to each other.  They are completely random and jumbled.  Most would look at a list of unrelated ideas and think that they are anything but useful – but the opposite is actually true.  It is from these random formulations that you are able to think creatively and branch out to make new connections.  This is the essence of creativity.

Music artist know that creativity can lead them in a good direction, but there is often this fear that too much creativity will lead to misdirection.  If an artist that you like comes out the next album with something totally different, it might be too much of a chance for your taste.  So, for an artist to come up with ideas, it does pay for them to be imaginative and a little crazy – the only catch here is that they need to be worked into a system that allows them to be useful.  Knowing how to control creativity is always the key.