August 27, 2013

Breaking Down The Pop Ballad

Some of the better rappers out there have made a name for themselves – not because of their swagger or style, but because of the content of their music.  Anybody can make a rap with simple lyrics – that but that is too easy.  Rappers who fall into this category know that they won’t score points with creativity, so they make up for it by their looks or their clothing.  Other rappers who have style and slang are unmistakable in their songs.  They are able to tell a story using words and methods that would never be acceptable in written language – but in music it just seems to make sense.

What rappers are doing with lyrics these days, are no different from what pop stars do when they want to make an emotional piece of music, or a ballad.  A ballad is usually a down tempo tune that can evoke emotion from the listener.  While the lyrics can be indirect or direct, the key part is to tell a story that involves some sort of sequence in time.  It is this sequence that glues it all together from start to end.  Songs that fail to tell a story really lack the breadth that it takes to build a song.