August 27, 2013

Audiophile Alert: HD Dance Music Arrives on the Cloud

If you want to listen to high quality audio using a portable device, you will have a very hard time getting anything above CD-quality music.  In fact, most song files that are listed to on something like an iPod aren’t anywhere near the quality that you would expect from a digital device.  Although we throw around the term mp3 loosely when referring to digital music, the odds are that you are listening to something that is slightly degraded.  Apple is already well known for using their own file types, which are encrypted to prevent loss or copying of files.  For the average listener, this is not such a big deal if they don’t mind buying their music.

However, audiophiles have been griping for many years about the quality of electronic music that they are used to receiving on their devices.  If you want high-quality audio, you will have to look somewhere else besides the iTunes store.  This also means that you will have to play with your mp3s like we used to; downloading them and transferring them to your device like we did in the old days.  For many this will be a nice escape from what we are used to doing.