August 31, 2013

Where To Put Music You’ve Been Meaning to Check Out

Music providers and streaming service companies have one general problem that they need to iron out before they can truly become a kingpin in the industry.  That problem is versatility.  I’m not talking about having many options when using a particular service – I’m talking about the ability to use inter-service apps that will allow you to have two apps communicate with each other.  Obviously it doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint to have an app that plays nice with another.  You want yours to be the best.  However, independent developers are smart enough to figure out ways to get them to talk to each other behind their backs.

The key here is being able to share information.  When you have files and settings saved in Pandora, you cannot export them to Spotify.  The same goes with Spotify, who is Pandora’s biggest competitor.  Listeners are tired of having their music scattered about, and so am I.  I have files on multiple drives, files stored in Amazon Cloud, files stored in Spotify on my phone, and of course, music spread across Pandora.  How hard would it be to create a device that could list out all the songs found in each music system?