August 31, 2013

Four Of Five Americans with Phones Don’t Use Them for Getting Music Yet

It is safe to say that the iPod was really the key to making a successful smart phone.  Before the iPod existed, we had multiple methods and steps to take if we wanted to use an mp3 player, a telephone, and a camera – but it was the iPod that proved that it could be done in such a compact and futuristic looking design.  While streaming media and streaming music is blasting off right now – there are still those who think it is too much effort to get that music on their smartphones.  I can already see many of the reasons why it is such a hassle to use music on a mobile device.

For one, an inexperienced and novice smartphone user does not have the time to learn about a product, they just want to use it.  This is perhaps why the iPhone does so well with the older generation who does not want to learn about technology.  Another thing is that media eats up battery life on a cellular phone.  I have an old that lasts for days without a charge, and my new phone can hardly go 8 hours without being drained completely.  I suppose that for music lovers, this is irrelevant.