August 31, 2013

Is Android about to lose the exclusive on a top-ranked keyboard to iOS?

No matter how powerful you are as a celebrity or public figure, you cannot escape the grasp of the law.  Well, that isn’t entirely true – since some can afford to make bail and pay off a good lawyer or two, but you will still be handcuffed and sent to the cell before it is all said and done.  It is probably worse that you are a celebrity who is trying to enjoy a normal life.  The second you get cuffed and arrested, you are crammed in a cell and the news of your arrest spreads quickly.  I suppose it is common that music artists are constantly being arrested for silly charges, since they are the ones who are painted with the picture of being drug users and alcohol abusers.

Ironically, it does tend to give them a bit of press that they would not have gotten before.  People might hear bad things about you – but at least they hear about you in some form.  When rappers get jailed for things like assault, it comes as no surprise to many – and it almost adds a bit of credibility to the types of things they speak about in their music.  Make bail and you’ll be alright.