August 31, 2013


Memorabilia is something that people do not need, but will buy if the time is right.  It is like going to a Dodger’s game and buying a hat at their super expensive Dodger store.  You don’t need it – but you want it because it is there.  When George Lucas created his Star Wars series, he gave the rights to the movie ticket sales to his producers and production team – but he was allowed to take all of the profits from the memorabilia.  Who knew that the demand for such products would create an empire?

With music, the same deal also works, where someone is willing to pay a high dollar amount for something they don’t necessarily need.  Record labels and accomplished musicians will sometimes release a special edition copy of old music in a collector’s box.  People buy this stuff because they care about how they feel when they own it – not because they need it or because they want the music.  For the makers of these kits, they can rake in a hefty chunk of change for what amounts to nothing more than recycled music and some colorful printouts in a wooden box.  Would I pay the price for one?  Perhaps, but only if it was never made again.