September 6, 2013

Behringer CMD Modular DJ Controllers

We frequently hear of companies like Numark, Behringer, and Reloop creating the next big thing in terms of controllers – but whatever happened to the likes of Fader Fox and Akai?  These are two big brands that are well known for creating quality (yet expensive) controllers.  Why would someone want to go with a cheaper controller rather than buying the best one from the start?  The reasons for this begin with the vicious cycle of consumerism.  When people are happy with a cheaper MIDI controller, they are less likely to buy an expensive one.  Gear companies simply cannot afford to keep creating a product that does not sell; therefore they make less of them.  This also keeps the price high and the need for these products low.

This is why Behringer is expected to make a killing off of their modular CMD line of controllers.  They are all cheap at under $200 dollars, and they have enough options to keep every type of controller user satisfied.  Users are interested in quality – but quality cannot be observed in a short demo video.  When they have the chance to see options and performance, they are more likely to make a decision that stands on that rather than on anything else.