September 6, 2013

Public Finally Gets Its Hands On Virtual DJ 8

There is an inherent beauty in using gear or instruments right out of the box without needing to flip through the manual.  Unfortunately, any gear that is complex and deep will requires days and weeks to fully learn about what it can do.  When a new DVS is sent to a trade show for testing by the public, there is only so much that a person can learn with their 10 minutes using it.  It is not really a problem for the creators; since it shows that it has the capability to be robust, but it does leave people want more and questions floating around the air.

The newest revision to Virtual DJ is still untested, yet many are excited to see what it has to offer.  The word they use is “sandboxing”.  While this term may not mean much in a musician’s perspective – I can offer you a definition through gaming.  In the game world, a sandbox game is where you create something without an objective.  This means that there are no winners or loser, only those who are more creative than others.  Will sandboxing be a way to truly being out the best in what DVS has to offer?