September 6, 2013

The World’s Highest Paid DJs (2013)

When you realize just how much money some of the top DJs are making a year for performances, you are either filled with vicarious joy or you are filled with slight disgust.  Before we even discuss what musicians are making – take a look at what professional athletes are making.  These guys are making no less than a million dollars a year, and the top players are making more than half of the country will make in their entire lifetimes.  They make this money because of their talent and their athleticism, so it isn’t like it is something that anybody could just go out and do.

Now, for a DJ who makes more than 20 million a year – there are some questions that need to be raised.  One of them is, “Are they really worth that much money?”  They are doing what many of us do; the only difference is that they have been put in the spotlight, while others are confined to their bedrooms.  The top money maker last year was Calvin Harris, who earned a hefty 45 million dollars.  He is paying more in taxes than any of us will ever make in our entire lives – but should we hate him for that?