September 6, 2013

The Most Depressing Scientific Research Ever

Performers know that there is a huge emphasis on stage presence and showmanship when they are out on tour or on the road.  What they sing or do is important, but the manner in which they do it is just as important in order to connect to their crowd.  While this is something that has always been known, some new research has shown that this idea can be more disturbing than once thought.  Research has shown than fans respond more to the visual cues of a performer, rather than the auditory cues.  What this means is that music is not about what is being played, but what the performer looks like when they are doing it.

Could it be that image is all that we are after, and that the music that is being produced is actually irrelevant?  As sad as this seems, I get where it is all coming from.  Perhaps this is why rap videos put a huge emphasis on money and lifestyle, rather than the message that is being sent through their lyrics.  Perhaps this is why Lady Gaga is so eccentric in her public life; it is all to help sell the image when the music cannot stand on its own.