September 6, 2013

How A Song In A Commercial Drove Over 10,000 iTunes Downloads

A musician actually has many avenues to explore when trying to monetize the music they make.  The original method starts with creating a song and playing it live – people will come to concerts and events just to hear someone perform, and in turn both the artist and the venue get to make some money off of it.  In modern times, performances are just the icing on the cake.  An artist who is relatively unknown can begin their journey digitally, by posting their music files online.  When these are downloaded, they reap in small profits – but from a larger set of listeners.

Aside from those two methods, there are traditional hard copy media sales and perhaps teaching jobs that can rake in the dough.  Some musicians use their experience to teach others how to play, and there is big money that can go into private lessons.  One trick that has boosted the appeal of many artists is to get their music onto television or film.  Even a small commercial that showcases their tune buys them not only some spotlight, but they also collect a small amount of money every time that song is used on air.  A small commercial can do wonders for your career.