September 10, 2013

9 Portable Speakers That Don’t Suck

Have you ever seen those infomercials for products that appear on your television when you have just come back from a night of drinking?  Some of these are beyond ridiculous, but you can’t help but watch them just for the entertainment value of it.  Some of the worst ones out there are ideas that are far from original.  I mean, I’ve seen some dumb ones – but at least they have tried to improve an item that solves a problem.  The worst are the ones that try to sell you something that are no different from the rest – yet they try to pass it off as one of a kind.  Portable speakers are a good example.

Most of us already know that any type of sound that we hear from a portable speaker is going to suck.  If it is ultra portable, and fits in your pocket, then you know that the battery life is going to last too.  Realistically, if you want a good portable speaker set you are going to pay quite a hefty fee for it.  Two payments of twenty dollars each is nowhere near the price you’ll spend if you want something that is halfway decent.