September 10, 2013

5 Top Tips to Get the Most from Your Affordable Vocal Mic

Do you remember the early days of home computers, when you had to buy one with all the works and fittings?  I don’t think people were savvy enough back then to go out and buy a computer and its parts separately – they felt much more comfortable NOT buying them in pieces and putting them together.  Even today, the average computer user has to learn a bit before they can go out and buy computer parts and expect them to work.  One of the goodies that were included in early computers was the ubiquitous microphone.  These were those cheap microphones that broke your eardrums when you coughed into them too loudly.

Today, these are all but a thing of the past – but even with a terrible microphone many were able to take and make decent audio recordings (at least with spoken voice).  As long as the right techniques are used to ensure that anomalies are all but eliminated from the recordings, a crappy microphone will do just fine.  The first part of the equation is choosing the proper location.  A room will affect sound more than any recording device can fix it.  Aside from that, learning to use gain controls is key to keep in the proper recording range.