September 10, 2013

Choosing the Right Songs in the Right Order

Song selection is by far the most understated part of being a good DJ.  Many DJs get too hung up on technical mixing skills or their ability to get the most out of their equipment.  Truthfully, a terrible DJ with a great list of songs will win more fans than one who can mix generic songs all night.  That is not to say that there isn’t a great benefit that comes along with being a technically sound DJ – I’m just saying that without the proper songs, there is no mix.  Weddings DJs know all about this, since the bulk of their work relies on choosing the right song to play at the right time.

Besides knowing the classic songs and club bangers, there are other elements that make each succession of songs more valuable than a random list of song.  Knowing the energy and keys of your tracks will give you a better understanding of balance throughout the night.  Radio DJs understand that they cannot play the same type of song too many times before the energy becomes stale; they need to switch it up every now and then to keep the majority of their fans satisfied and pacified.