September 11, 2013

Serato DJ Gets DVS Support

When Serato DJ was first on the scene, many were wondering how they would juggle both Scratch Live and their controller software, Serato DJ.  A business mind could easily make judgments on what would happen next.  The included a demo or preview version of Serato DJ with any compatible controller, which left you to buy the full version for a few hundred dollars.  Serato also made sure that SSL and Serato DJ were somewhat different (and they are).  SSL is still for the big boys who want to full blown program to run with their timecode vinyl – and Serato DJ was meant strictly for controllers only.

Their newest announcement might come as a shock, since they are now allowing Serato DJ to be used with certified mixers from Rane and Pioneer.  What’s more is that they are beginning to phase the entire DVS program in favor of mixers with built in soundcards.  This means Scratch Live will cease to exist in only a couple of years, and if you want to use DVS – you need a mixer that already supports it.  It has been a fun run for most of us, and some of us will naturally be left disappointed.