September 11, 2013

Ableton software — 25% off

When a software company sets out to create a game or program, they do so knowing that a large portion of what they create will be illegally stolen, copied, and distributed.  They can create ways to lock up their software, but any good hacker can easily find a crack or key generator that will allow it to be used without a proper license.  There are really two remedies to this problem.  One of them is to make it completely un-hackable, and the other is to create a program that has such a high value to the user, that they feel inclined to use it and pay for it.

Such a program is Ableton, where users can create something that will make them millions of dollars.  If not, it is still just as good for creating songs for personal use.  A program that can cost up to a thousand dollars is certainly worth the money paid for it – and is far from the toyish music apps that we see for the iOS at ten dollars a pop.  However, prices can be so high that they deter potentials from ever using the software.  Ableton has marked down a quarter off of their usual prices for a limited time.