September 11, 2013

Scratch Live scratched

The slow death of what was once Serato Scratch Live is not without something positive on the other end of the tunnel.  The external soundcard will soon be a thing of the past, meaning that you cannot use Serato unless you have a controller or mixer that supports it.  However, you CAN use timecode vinyl with Serato DJ now.  To the guys who spent cash on that nice new Rane 62 or 64, your investment has paid off.  Those who have already been using Serato DJ with a nice Pioneer controller, you investment will pay off soon.  Besides ditching the soundcard, there has been some other advancement in the software itself which will change the way we have seen Serato.

One of the biggest yet smallest changes to the software is something that we have been asking for, for a long time.  They have added more cues, allowing you to have eight cues instead of only five.  Now, those laptop controllers with rows of four or five buttons will make much more logistical sense.  While the layout has not changed dramatically, there have been some improvements that make better use of the screen real estate, which was another complaint about the software.