September 11, 2013

The Pioneer DDJ-SP1

Regardless if you are person who buys Pioneer gear, of if you are a person who would never buy their gear – you have to admit that there is nothing ugly that comes out of their shops.  Their gear sits right at the top as the most expensive items on the shelf, and while this might scare some away – it also gives you a bit of pride to say that you own something from Pioneer.  Many of you have met a DJ or two that only buys Pioneer gear and swears by it.  Are there cheaper alternatives?  Of course there is, but buying Pioneer gear is like buying a brand new BMW.  It just feels good.

Their newest addition to the DDJ line of controllers is the DDJ-SP1.  It shares some of the layout of their DDJ-SX, but this controller is not meant to be the mainstay of your DJ setup, it is meant to act as an add-on controller.  For some, this is reason not to buy the expensive controller which is set to be around four hundred dollars.  It has the familiar feel of 8 pads per each side, with 8 rotaries in total and its size is slightly thicker than most.