September 20, 2013

MDC Custom DJ Cables

I tend to go through a lot of RCA cables on a yearly basis.  When I buy them, I never consider the fact that I’ll need them to last me a very long time.  I never pay more than a few dollars a foot for RCA cables, and if it goes bad on me I simply get another.  Most people who are on a budget would think the same way, yet the same people will splurge on a set of nice digital or coaxial cables, since there is more information riding on those lines.  I expect my HDMI cables to work flawlessly, and if they happen to break I actually get upset over it.

If I were to buy RCA cables that actually cost me a lot of money, I would probably treat them the same way.  The difference is that RCA cables get plugged and unplugged all the time.  The action of plugging and unplugging them all the time is actually pretty violent if you think about it.  They get tugged on by the cords instead of at the base where they are supposed to be manipulated.  I suppose a decent set of cables wouldn’t be a bad idea.