September 20, 2013

Reloop Wave 5 Active Monitor Speakers

I believe that KRK has much to worry about in terms of their speaker being perceived as the best.  Regular speakers are built pretty well these days, and some of them are even suitable replacements for the old studio monitors, which are sometimes too clear for general music listening.  For the casual DJ, producer, and music listener – there needs to be a set of speakers that can do all three.  Behringer has their own setup called the “truth” series, and now Reloop has their own set of Wave 5’s to throw in the bunch.  What is the selling point here?  That would be the price.

KRK and Pioneer will always sit on top for the priciest of the batch, but that doesn’t mean that they are the greatest out there.  They simply have a better stance in the market and a good brand image that few can compete with.  If we could actually buy a bunch of monitors, take them home, and then try them each out – we would find that price does not always match performance.  Other features, like a wire remote and hookup options, will add to the overall value that you experience when you take a pair home.