September 20, 2013

Armin Van Buuren Launches Philips M1X-DJ Boombox

If there was ever a time to make a silly DJ instrument or fake DJ gadget, that time is now.  DJing is popular for good or worse, and since everyone wants to be a DJ – there is a market for people who want to become a DJ quickly.  DJ apps and software have done enough to take the talent out of the artform, and the only thing left to really mutilate is the gear that we use.  Turntables and large PA speakers are sensitive pieces of gear, so bringing them out to a party at the beach is just a bad idea.  These mini portable DJ setups may seem toyish – but they are actually getting more sophisticated all the time.

One crowd is always going to dislike what these machines are.  I fall into this category, however, I do see a bit of utility in having gear like this.  Where else can you find an iPad DJ system, a controller, and speakers all bundled into the same package?  If it wasn’t for the Armin Van Buuren branding, I might think that these are somewhat decent – but having that artist stamp on the box seems like a red flag to me.