September 20, 2013

American DJ Inno Color Beam 12 LED Light

The old way of wiring involves hooking many lights up to a truss before they can be powered by a grid and a controller.  Setting up lights for a performance makes setting up a DVS sound card look like child’s play.  Lighting also has inherent risks and dangers that are not as present with standard audio gear.  Power supplies can be lethal if not properly used, and the heat from lights can be damaging as well.  For this reason LED lighting has solved many of the problems that clubs used to deal with.  With a LED, you eliminate the heating issues, power issues, and you even cut down on weight.  The DMX controller might become a thing of the past.

A color beam LED unit might be the one thing you need to add some effects to your booth, and it is definitely an easy choice to make for DJs who don’t want to go the full route while shopping for light alternatives.  These kits are usually small and motorized, so that a small array of lights can take the place of many separate lighting systems.  Clubs may not ditch their old systems for one of these, but a newbie DJ might consider one.