September 20, 2013

US E Deaths Spark EDM Backlash

The greater number of people that you have at a given time in a single event; the larger the chances are of something going wrong.  The worst part about it is that when something does go wrong in a large group, fewer people are willing to take responsibility.  This is a phenomenon known as diffusion of responsibility.  At any sort of rave or large concert, there is an expected amount of drug use that is bound to happen.  Fans smoking weed at a large concert is typically harmless, and nowhere near as bad as what can happen when the entire audience is drunk.

A rave is quite different, and many types of drugs are used in combination.  Ecstasy is by far the most popular drug used at a rave, and it can also be the most damaging.  It doesn’t cause people to get into fights or smack each other, in fact, it causes the exact opposite of that.  The problem is that dehydration can easily lead to deaths on the dance floor – and at any concert, a death is one death too many.  Venues are getting hesitant to hire on EDM acts, since the last thing they want is a death on their hands.