September 20, 2013

Did Daft Punk rip off a Korean YouTube star?

Daft Punk is a group that has been long known in their EDM community for their original sound and funk, but like any established group – they have hungry fans to feed for the next album.  A recent controversy has been stirred up by a tune created by a Korean guitarist that sound almost exactly like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”.  Simply listening to the songs will reveal just how close the two songs are, and the Korean’s version of it was created years earlier before the Daft Punk album release.  If I were the original creator of the song, I might be disappointed – or perhaps I would be furious.

The four chord progression from these two songs is exactly alike, but that is not enough to say that one song has been copied from the other.  Many famous and popular songs share chord progressions, as it is very common in pop music.  The only difference is what the artist ultimately makes of it.  Adding a hook, lyrics, and solos are what take something standard and make it unique.  I guess there is nothing these days that hasn’t been done already, and if you think your idea is original – take it to YouTube and see if you’re wrong.