September 20, 2013

Pete Tong is relocating to Los Angeles

The popularity of music is generational but it also has a lot to do with where you are in the world.  Music can originate in one part of the world, and easily spread to another part of the world in a matter of days.  Look at what the pop star PSY did with his one hit wonder.  It started as a small project in Korea and spread around the world in a matter of days.  Young kids are toddlers were doing the dance without even knowing what the lyrics meant or that fact that the singer was Korean.  When it comes to the UK and the US, there are many similarities and many differences that need to be recognized.

Take a look at the British actors who have made a name for themselves by becoming American movie stars.  Now, take a look at the American Rap music and how it has influenced rap in the UK.  Styles can pass from one country to another in a matter of days.  Artists are very keen on knowing where their music sells and where it doesn’t sell, and it even makes sense to relocate to an area where your work can be appreciated the most.